Camp Security Camera


Camp Security Camera


2 Bigger, Stronger Scouts 1 Narrator 1 Small Scout TV/Radio Remote Control (optional)


Practice and make sure that everyone knows what they're doing. The smoother the action, the funnier the skit.


This skit works best when the narrator acts as an authority figure and speaks to the group as an information session. Narrator: I called this session today to inform everyone that we at [troop number] security systems have installed new security cameras here at [Camp Name/place performing]. This is in response to a recent crime wave. The perpetrators have been stealing [item] from young scouts yet, nobody has come forward as a witness. Hopefully, these cameras will help us catch these thieves. I will now demonstrate how the cameras work and show you footage of an actual robbery that occurred just last night. {Pretend to click the remote control at the stage as you walk off stage} {The two large boys enter from the left, walking at normal speed side by side with enough room to allow the small scout to squeeze through. The small scout enters from the right and does the same, heading for the gap between the large boys.} Narrator: Let's watch as this first year scout gets mugged by these two thugs. {The boys just bump into each other very casually and proceed on like normal. They then return to their original places on opposite sides of the stage.} Narrator: Did you all see that?!? No? Then let's watch again in slow motion. {Same action is repeated except the small scout might be spun around. The amount of action revealed is based on how long you want the skit to be. If you need to take 7-10 mins, repeat the first action but just walking slower. If you want it to be 3-5 mins, have the small scout be spun around.} Narrator: You all saw it that time, right?!? No? Alright, I'll slow it down to super slow motion [this is written as the quick version, if you need it to fill more time go to double slow, triple slow, etc before moving on to super slow motion]. {The boys enter from opposite sides but now, the big scouts pick the smaller one up, shake him upside down, place him back down and brush him off. As an added touch, have the small scout wear a loose hat and keep the item you referenced at the top in his pocket so they will fall out/off.} Narrator: Well I'm glad that you all now know the need for security cameras at camp. Goodnight!


Peter Moore


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