Caitlina Madelina


Caitlina Madelina


Chorus: Caitilina Madelina Loca-stein-a Wala-dine-a Loca-poca-moca was her name. She had ten hairs on top of her head. Five were a live and the other five dead. Chorus: She had two teeth in the front of her mouth One pointed North and the other pointed South. Chorus: She had a noise in the front of her face Wasn’t very pretty but it took a lot of space. Chorus: She had to eyes in the front of her head One was Yellow and the other was Red. Chorus: She had to ears on the side of her head One was silver and the other was lead. Chorus: She could dive like a feather she could swim like a rock When she hit the bottom you could hear her on the top. Chorus: A two ton truck hit Catalina the driver had to buy a new Machine-a. Chorus:

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This is the way we use to sing this song in the mid to late 60's in the Girl Scouts.


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