Bus Stop Shelters


Bus Stop Shelters


This project is fairly easy because it can be done in any city with mass public transportation. Find your city's representative in charge of construction and/or city works. Ask them if there are any bus stop shelters (The place you can sit with a cover over the chairs while waiting for a bus.)in need of putting up or moving. After approval, find out the supplies needed, most or all of them including the shelters should be donated by the city. Therefore no fundraisers are neccesary. When the shelters and tools are available, construct the shelters where appropriate. each shelter should come in a kit much like an erector set. The first should take about 2 hours to set up and to learn the basics and each one after should take around 45 minutes. If you assess the whole situation (safety, food, water, first aid, etc.) then the project should go fairly easy. This is a quick, helpful, and easy project to do and in all should take about 10 hours planing, and 5 hours carrying out the project. You will need around 30 helpers. That's it!


Chris Palomares


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