Build a House


Build a House


One bucket full of water and sparkles/tinsel/confetti off stage. Need the whole scout group plus the leader who runs it.


NONE OF THE SCOUTS CAN KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, ESPECCIALLY THE LAST SCOUT. This adds extra laughs as he/she splutters, etc. Clue in TWO SCOUTS ONLY before the actual day. NO PRACTICING IS IMPORTANT.


Leader gathers all scouts around in front of audience to discuss the skit. Two clued in scouts are talking and being disruptive. Leader repeatedly tells them to stop and finally send them off stage. Leader: "All right everyone, we are going to build a house. Sit down until I call you up. First I need four walls." (Points out four scouts). I need two of you to stand on this side with your arms out, and two of you on this side with your arms out. Now I want you to say, 'Wall wall, wall, wall'." Walls do so. Leader: "Now I need a roof. Two of you stand next to the walls with your arms arched out and say, 'Roof, roof, roof, roof'." Roof does so. Leader: "Now I need two of you to be the windows. stand next to the roofs and say, 'Window window, window window'." Windows do so. Leader: "OK guys, we are almost done. Now I need a chimney. One of you come stand in the middle at the back and say, 'Chimney, chimney, chimney, chimney'." Chimney does so. Leader: "Perfect, and now for the finishing touches. Just a few more moments, ladies and gentlemen. One of you come and kneel down on all fours in the middle of the room and say, 'Table table, table, table'." Table does so. Leader: "OK, last but not least, a fire for the chimney. You come and kneel down just infornt of the fire and yell, 'Fire, fire, fire, fire'." The last scout goes and kneels down infront of the chimney (Leader stands well away pretending to show off the wonderful house.) The last Scout yells as loud as he/she can "FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!" The two clued in Scouts (the ones that had been sent out of the room earlier) run in holding a bucket of water and drench the Fire Scout.


Grace Paterson


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