Buffalo Spies His Brother


Buffalo Spies His Brother


Across the windswept desert (Whoosh!) Where nature knows no man (Stomp) A buffalo spied his brother A-lyin' in the sand. Said the buffalo to his brother, "What makes you lie that way?" But the brother did not answer 'cause he's been dead since may. Since way last maaayeeee!


When the buffalo is mention, curl all but your pinky and thumbs into a fist, put the thumbs on the side of your forehead to make it look like a buffalo. When the buffalo's brother is mentioned move those horns to the front and back of your head. Tilt your head to the side as you sing "A lyin' in the sand." The second to last line you plug your nose and wave away the bad stench. The last line you clasp your hands together and sing the last word horribly out of tune.

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It's a fun little song that makes the children giggle. :D


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