At least 4 Scouts


Have each scout come up with a sob story about what's going wrong with their life, and have one scout memorize the reporter's story.


The reporter (Scout 1) comes onto the stage from out of view crying and looking really down. Then he says something to the extent of, "I'm a horrible reporter, I just got fired from Channel 2 news (Or local news station), I can't find any good stories, I might as well just jump off this bridge." He swings his arms, as if to jump off an imaginary bridge, and counts "1, 2..." and is interrupted by scout 2: "Hey hey buddy! What are you doing? Were you about to jump?" (First scout replies yes and explains that he is a horrible reporter). Then the second scout replies, with tears in his eyes something like: "Well, you know, my wife just left me and I'm bankrupt..." etc. and gives a big sob story. Then the two of them say "Well, let's jump off together, O.K.? 1, 2.." and they are interrupted by another scout who asks them what they are doing, etc. Then the new scout gives another sob story and the cycle repeats. This can repeat as many times as you want as long as there is enough time. Then, once the last scout has gone, they finally count "1, 2, 3!" and they all jump except for the reporter. All the other scouts lie on the ground in front of them 'Dead' and the reporter walks off laughing, "Man! This will make a great story!"


Tim Sweet


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