Breakfast on a can


Breakfast on a can


Eggs Bacon Non-stick spray


a three pound coffee can a tuna can cardboard strips candle wax


As a craft before you leave for camp, have everyone save a 3 pound coffee can and a tuna can. Have an adult punch about 5-6 holes along the bottom and top sides of each can(old can opener has a triangle hole puncher, or use something else). Cut cardboard strips that are a hair less wide then the hight of the inside of a tuna can. Roll the cardboard strip tightly like you would a bed roll. Put it into the tuna can. (may need several if the strips are not very long) The tight roll will losen a little. Pour melted wax on cardboard. The wax will absorb into the corrated inside of cardboard and between layers. Use enough to coat all of the cardboard but not so much that the cardboard is completely barried. When the wax drys completely, it is now a burner. Try lighting one at home so that you don't look uncertain in front of the kids. This will give you an idea of how long one will burn and how hot it gets ect.,. On cooking day, you must must must spray the bottom of the can with non-stick spray. Light the tuna can burner and put the can over it. Have the kids cook their breakfast on it. Hint: cook the bacon first, but just a couple peice or the edges will not hold the bacon grease. Then cook the eggs.


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The tuna can and mini spatulas will fit nicely inside the coffee can for portability so save the lid to the can. You must closely supervise during cooking, and assist if grease has to be drained. You will probebly have to make additional food to supplement the minimal amount that they will actually be able to cook. This seems like a pain in the butt, but the kids absolutely love making these and using them. This craft is closely followed by "sit-a-pons"...newspaper inside heavy plastic that they fold over on the edges and losely sew with yarn. They personalize it by making the visable part of the newspaper inside the plastic a construction paper cover. This is something to sit on that is dry and warm while they cook their breakfast.


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