Box Skit


Box Skit


Your patrol, the more people the better! A decent sized box.


Take the box and write down a large weight, like 3000 lbs. A hungry man (A very large and round patrol member, if you know what I mean). Hide hungry man off to side.


Patrol leader: OK guys, (scoutmasters name) said no one can eat until this box is lifted. Patrol: Aw, man! Have random people from patrol try to lift the box and fail. (Have the strongest, most muscular person in your patrol try to lift it, get them to be all confident and then have them try. When he tries lifting it, snap a twig and have him jolt upright and touch his spine then fall over and lay still. Now is where the good part is, have the hungry/big guy run into scene and yell, "FOOD!" and have him swiftly toss the box into the air on his way to the dutch oven/pot.


Bryan Yerk


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