Boot Camp


Boot Camp


(optional) 3 fake guns 5-7 scouts


Memorize lines, make sure you're loud and clear, and practice!


(4 scouts are standing around at boot camp and another scout [the drill sergeant] strides onto the scene.) Drill Sergeant:ATTENTION! (The scouts scurry into line and salute.) Drill Sergeant: Today, we'll be doing a war simulation. Get your equipment and MOVE OUT! (The scouts turn to the right and walk off. However, the drill sergeant stops the last scout out and faces him.) Drill Sergeant: Private Zammerman, I'm afraid we're short on supplies. Seeing as how your name is last on my list, you will not be receiving a gun or knife. Private Zammerman: Awwww... Drill Sergeant: However, the troops take their training very seriously and if you pretend to shoot or stab them they will play along. Now MOVE OUT! (Private Zammerman exits, followed by the drill sergeant.) NEXT SCENE: (Private Zammerman is standing alone and looking around and spots a scout taking aim at him. Private Zammerman holds up an imaginary gun at the scout and says...) Private Zammerman: Bangity-bang-bang! (The scout acts as if shot and falls onto the ground.) (Several seconds later, Zammerman sees a scout sneaking behind him. Zammerman grabs a pretend knife and brings it down onto the scout while saying...) Zammerman: Stabbity-stab-stab! (The scout acts as if stabbed and falls to the ground.) (If the crowd is enjoying the pretend killings you can do a few more if wanted) (A scout slowly approaches towards Zammerman in a straight line.) Zammerman: Bangity-bang-bang! (The scout ignores the shot and approaches very close to Zammerman) Zammerman: Stabbity-stab-stab! (The scout pushes Zammerman over and walks over him.) Zammerman: Hey!What do you think you're doing! (The scout turns and faces Zammerman and says...) TANKITY-TANK-TANK!,TANKITY-TANK-TANK!


Tyler Jasper


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