Boom-chicka-Rocka ACTING version


Boom-chicka-Rocka ACTING version


I said a Boom chicka boom! (echo) I said a Boom chicka boom! (echo) I said a BOOM chicka -rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka boom! (echo) Oh yea? (echo) One more time, janitor style (echo) I said a broom chicka broom! (mime sweeping) (echo) I said a broom chicka broom (echo) I said a broom-chicka- mop-a chicka- mop-a chicka broom! (echo) Oh yea? One more time... astronaut style I said a zoom chicka zoom, I said a zoom, take a rocket, take a rocket to the moon! (add as many verses as you like, its easy and crazy fun)

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Ferdinand Tretter


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