one trenchcoat (sunglasses optional), a sign that says "BOO" in big letters and suspended from a string, 4 scouts, +"paramedics" (2-3 other scouts)


everyone knowing what to do


This is a semi-silent skit. Scout enters wearing a trenchcoat (and sunglasses, if desired), holding it tightly closed. He is not wearing any shoes or socks and should be wearing shorts instead of long pants. He loiters in front of the audience. Another scout wanders by. The trenchcoated scout signals for the other scout to approach him and, when he does, he approaches the trenchcoat (who should not be facing the crowd) from HIS front. When he comes up to the trenchcoat wearing scout, the scout opens his coat wide, with his back to the crowd. Instantly the other scout screams and falls down. the "paramedics" rush onto the stage yelling medical stuff (Ex. "oh we need an IV with 1500cc's of tetrawhatevertheheckyouwantittobe)while the trenchcoat stands on the other side of the stage. This process is repeated for the 2 other "victims", each becoming more and more hesitant to approach the trenchcoat. Finally, the trenchcoated scout turns to face the audience and opens his coat wide,smiles broadly, and reveals the sign hanging from his neck inscribed with the word "BOO".


Porter-Price Adam


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