Blazing Saddles Chili


Blazing Saddles Chili


2 tins baked beans in tomato sauce, tin corned beef, tin hot dog sausages, chillie sauce, mature cheese such as cheddar. Crusty bread


billy can, knife, A grater, can opener, bowls and spoons


empty beans into billycan, cut sausages into inch long segments and cut corned beef into inch cubes and add to the beans. Add chillie sauce until as spicy as you like it. Bring to the simmer for 10 minutes stirring to prevent sticking. Serve in bowls - top with grated cheese - eat with buttered crusty bread and spoons


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smashing for eating around campfire - great for supper and then the left overs with bacon for brekie. Can be as chillie hot as you like but it matures overnight (most of our scouts prefer it on the second day


Anne Lewis


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