Black Riders


Black Riders


4 Scouts


Have one scout be narrator One scout be black rider. One scout be Bob. One scout be Billy.


Narrator: Bob and Billy went camping one day. When it came time to go to sleep, they realized there was only one tent. (Bob and Billy start arguing silently with hand motions)But after the feud, Billy got to sleep in the tent, and Bob slept on the cold, hard, ground.(Billy pretends to get into a tent while Bob curls up on the ground). All was fine until...THE BLACK RIDER ATTACKED!!! The Black Rider runs up to Bob while screaming maniacally, grabs Bob's shoe, and runs off stage. Bob wakes Billy up and tells him what happened. Billy says not to worry and that they'll find his shoe in the morning. Both scouts go back to where they were sleeping, and in a few minutes the Black Rider comes back, screaming. He takes Bob's other shoe and runs off stage again. Bob wakes up Billy and Billy decides to let Bob sleep in the tent. Bob go into the tent as Billy sleeps on the ground. In a few seconds, the Black Rider comes back screaming and is about to attack Billy but stops and says "Wait a minute. I already got the guy outside." then he runs and attack Bob once more. *END*


Ferdinand Tretter


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