Billy Ho


Billy Ho


There was a man Named Billy Ho. He had a goat And that was all. One day this goat Was feelin fine. He ate six red shirts Right off the line. First Billy cussed And then he swore That this poor goat Would eat no more. He grabbed him by His woolly back. And tied him to The railroad track. The big black train Was coming nigh And this poor goat Was sure to die. He gave a shriek Of mortal pain. Coughed up those shirts And flagged the train. The engineer stopped His train to see What this strange sight On the tracks could be. And when he saw It was a goat. He took his knife And slit his throat. Now this poor goat Was surely dead. He went to heaven Without his head. When he got there Saint Peter said. "Tell me poor goat Where is your head?" The goat replied "I cannot tell. It must have gone Straight down to da da da da da da da da da da Hey.


Leader says line and audience repeats it. Everyone sings the da da da part together.

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David Turner


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