Bill Likes Coffee But not Tea


Bill Likes Coffee But not Tea






This is more of a game to play with the crowd. It is best started with a few people already knowing the game. There is only one rule "Bill Likes Coffe But he Doesn't Like Tea!" Start off the game with something simple like "Bill likes summer but he doesn't like winter." "Bill like cars but he doesn't like trucks." Then ask the someone else to come up with one. Correct what they said if necessary. For ex. if someone said "Bill likes Boy Scouts but he does'nt like The Boys and Girls Club" you would correct that as "No, Bill Like Boy Scouts and The Boys and Girls Club." Go around many times and tell them if they are able to determine why Bill likes coffee but he doesn't like tea, then ask them to keep it to themselves. The reason is (so you can know how to play) Bill likes anything that doesn't have the letter T in it.


Ferdinand Tretter


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