Best Smores In Camp


Best Smores In Camp


2 Grahm Crackers Chocolate 2 tiny squares (hershey's works best since you can divide it into small pieces) 1 BIG marshmellow


A BIG ROARING FIRE! knife* optional STRAIGHT stick


Use the knife to widdle (sharpen) the stick on one end. this is optional but it makes taking the marshmellow off,and putting it on easier. put the chocolate on a grahm cracker on a rock thats near the fire. That heps the chocolate melt faster. Then hold the on the stick marshmellow by the fire but not in a place where there is flames. Only close enough so it turns golden brown. keep turning the marshmellow so that it cooks evenly. when its golden brown put it on the chocolate and grahm cracker, then put anther grahm cracker on top and pull the stick out. If you cant gold the s'more without getting your hands gooey, then cook it longer next time! Enjoy!


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Thanks to my dad, who has earned the name artisian s'more maker. he has tought me well and i think I can atleast be called a Journeyman s'more maker! =D THIS IS A CLASSIC RECIPE THAT YOU CAN CUSTOM IZE AND TRY NEW THINGS! HAVE FUN!




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