(Best) Bill Grogan's Goat


(Best) Bill Grogan's Goat


Bill Grogan's Goat (repeat), Was feelin' fine (repeat), Ate three red shirts (repeat), Right off the line (repeat). Bill took a stick(repeat), Gave him a whack (repeat), And tied him to (repeat), The railroad track (repeat). The whislte blew! (repeat), The train grew nigh (repeat), Bill Grogan's Goat (repeat), Was doomed to die (repeat). He gave three groans (repeat), Of awful pain (repeat), Coughed up the shirts (repeat), And flagged the train! (repeat) (All Together and Fast!) Bill Grogan's Goat, not a billy but a goat, Was feelin' fine, not sad but fine, Ate three red shirts, not socks but shirts, Right off the line, not a rope but a line. Bill took a stick, not a rock but a stick, Gave him a whack, not a smack but a whack, And tied him to, not one but to, The railroad track. The whislte blew, not red but blew! The train grew nigh, not far but nigh, Bill Grogan's Goat, not a billy but a goat, Was doomed to die, not live but die. He gave three groans, not moans but groans, Of awful pain , not joy but pain, Coughed up those shirts, not socks but shirts, And flagged the train, not a plane but a train!

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