Bedside Manner


Bedside Manner


Three scouts (one needs good pair of lungs). Sheet on a line so it can be strung across the stage and so the audience can't see the scouts behind it. Flashlight to cast shadow on to sheet. Pillow. Small bag (looks like doctor's medicine bag). Tools (screwdriver, hammer, saw, pocket knife, ax, etc.).


The scout with the good lungs has the pillow up his shirt and is "mom".


"Mom" is escorted by another scout. They come on stage to talk to the doctor and is screaming. The doctor says, "I know what to do," and helps "mom" lay down behind sheet. (only the shadow should be visible to the audience). "Dad" stays in front of the sheet and waits nervously. Doc comes out and asks dad for a screw driver. Dad nervously hands it to him. Doc goes behind sheet and makes it look like he's using the screwdriver to help the baby out. Mom is screaming the whole time but louder when doc uses tools. Doc comes out again asks dad for other tools one at a time in increasing size/hazard. Dad gets more and more nervous at each tool. After doc uses ax, he pulls the pillow out of mom's shirt, comes out and tells dad he has a healthy baby. Dad says, "Good, but what were all those tools for?" Doc says, "I couldn't get my bag open."


The Unknown Scout


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