Bear In The Cave


Bear In The Cave


While cubmaster is presenting the Bear badge to the cubscout, first adult interupts and asks: "Has this scout met all the requirements for the Bear rank?" Cubmaster answers Yes and again starts to present badge. 2nd adult interupts and asks:"Has he proven his bravery by facing the bear in his den?" Cubmaster asks scout who states "No". @nd adult then statse:" Then I insist he do so before he receives his badge. Scout then goes behaind curtainor in next room to "face the bear" The person playing the part of the bear growls, pulls off the boy's shoes,scarf,etc. and throws them out. The boy then comes out to the applause of the audeince and receives his award.


One person (the "bear") is hidden behind a curtain or in an adjacent room. Three adults are recruited to participate and given thier parts.


If there are any concerns that the boy will be frightened by the ceremony, he is told what will happen beforehand, but no one else knows what is happening until the ceremony starts. All of our scouts look forward to earning the priviledge of "proving his bravery" No scouts are allowed to play the part of the bear so no excessive roughness enters the ceremony

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