BBQ Meatballs


BBQ Meatballs


1 Bag of Homestyle Meatballs (approx 72) 1 Bottle BBQ sauce (we prefer a darker colored sauce like KC Masterpiece) 1 Jar of grape jelly


Dutch oven, slotted spoon


Mix BBQ sauce and grape jelly in dutch oven, add meatballs and stir to coat. Let cook for about 45 minutes or so over medium heat (may take longer to cook if you meatballs are frozen). Serve plain or with mozzerella cheese on a hoagie roll or hot dog bun.


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I usually figure 10 meatballs per person, so this dish serves about 7. If you're feeding a group of children, it may go further. Recipe can be easily doubled. This simple recipe makes a delicious and easy main dish that both adults and kids will love! If you prefer less sweet and more BBQ taste, you can use a larger jar of BBQ sauce and a regular jar of jelly.


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