Barn Raising


Barn Raising


My project was to build a four horse stall barn for a therapeutic riding school. I first had to raise approximately $5000.00 to fund the project. I sent out mailers to companies, friend, and family members telling them about my project and asking for help either with money or supplies. I went and spoke at organizational dinners for Horse clubs and requested money. I did what ever it took to raise the funds. Once the funds were obtained I met with an architect who taught me how to draw up my own blue prints. I contacted, toured and ordered trusses for the stable. I went to Home depot and worked out a cost sheet for all the supplies we would need. I organized several work days for my troop and also for the days when I only needed adults who could work on the roof and use the needed tools. We put in close to 500 hours total. The barn is complete and many children with cerebral palsy will hopefuly benefit from our work.


Jake Hughes


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