Bangity Bang


Bangity Bang


A Walking stick, and AT LEAST 12 scouts


One scout is the general(G), one scout is a slightly crazy recruit(R), the rest are the enemies (E1, etc.)


G: Alright, recruits. (turns to face slightly crazy recruit standing alone) G:(looks around recruit) Is this it? R: (nods) G:Oh boy. Alright, you seem to be the only one. R: (Shrugs) G: Your first training will be with this (holds up walking stick) stick. You will guard this base by attacking enemies and saying "WHACKITY WHACK" and whacking them. (General demonstrates) G: Got it? (hands recruit the stick) G:Good. Now try. R: (moves stick very little and says in a very timid voice): whackity whack? G: NO MAN! You need more UMPH. Like this (demonstrates again) R: (still hesitant But with more movement and volume): Whackity Whack? G: Try again, you're getting there. R: (goes full crazy): WHACKITY WHACK! WHACKITY WHACK! WHACKITY WHACK! G: Good man, good! Lots of UMPH. Now guard the base while I go have a sandwich. (Walks off stage) R: (looks around) Two enemies start running towards him R: (At the enemies) WHACKITY WHACKITY WHACK! (Both enemies fall down dead) G: (walks back on) WHOAH! You just killed two guys! You get a promotion! R: (Salutes And hands the General the stick) G: (flips stick) Here you are, you use this weapon like this: JABBITTY JAB! (thrusts stick forward twice) Now you try. R: (Takes stick) Very timidly and with little thrust of stick says: Pokity poke? G: NO NO NO, It's JABITY JAB!We are looking for Lethal Jabs, not pokes! here, try again. R: (takes stick) Very hesitantly but louder and more aggressive says: Jabbity Jab? G: Once more! UMPH man, UMPH! R: (Goes full crazy) JABBITY JAB! JABBITY, JABITY, JABBITY JAB!!! G: Excellent. I need a trip to the john, so stay here and stand guard.(Walks off stage) R:(looks around) Two enemies run on yelling. R: JABBITY JAB, JABBITY JAB! (both enemies fall down dead) G: (walks back on) WOW! You just killed two more guys! You definitely get another promotion! R:(Hands General Stick) G:(flips stick other way) Here, this is a gun. You use it like this, BANGITY BANG!(pretends to be pulling trigger) Now you try. R:(takes stick)Clickity click? G: You forgot to reload silly. Here, let me. ("Reloads") Try again. R: (still not into it) Bangity Bang? G: Come man, you did it before! R: (Goes FULL crazy) BANGITY BANGITY BANGITY BANG! G: There you go lad. I think I need another sandwich. You, kill any trespassers. R: (nods vigorously) G: Good. R: (looks around) Two enemies come to attack him R: (Getting blown back at every other shot) BANGITY BANG! BANGITY BANG! Enemies drop down dead G: (Walks back on)You did it again man! Well done. I would give you a promotion, but the gun is the best we got. I think I will eat another sandwich. Stand guard out here.(walks off stage) R: (Salutes and looks around) (to make a tank, have one of your smaller scouts sit on a taller scouts shoulders with one other scout holding each of the small scouts legs for support) Tank moves towards Recruit. R: BANGITY BANG! (does not stop the tank) JABBITY JAB! (does not stop tank) WHACKITY WHACK! (tank runs over recruit) TANK: (small scout on top): TANKITY TANK!


2nd Dunnville CANADAIN Scout Troop


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