Bandanas and Bananas


Bandanas and Bananas


Bandanas for all participants except one who gets a banana.


Scouts prepare bandanas for their part... adjust for as many scouts as you have and use their names in place of numbers.


Ldr: We are on a hike. It is hot and humid. Scout #1 finds that a bandana keeps her hair back and the sweat off her face. Ldr: Of course there is always one scout who doesn't listen...At that moment, Scout #2 comes forward carrying a BANANA..and attempting to keep her hair back with it. Scout #2: "I don't get it!" Ldr: After using the handwash, scout #3 uses her bandana to dry her hands. (Scout #2 tries to dry hands with banana.."I don't get it!" Ldr: Scouts #4 and 5 find that bandanas make great blindfolds. (Scout #2 covers her eyes with banana.."I don't get it!") Ldr: Poor scout #6..she tripped and hurt her arm. the bandana makes a good sling till we get her to the doctor. (Scout #2, holding banana against arm..."I don't get it!") Ldr: Scout #7 finds some special rocks she wants to take home, so she ties them up in her bandana. (Scout #2 tries to balance rocks on her banana.."I don't get it!" Ldr: Scout #8's pants keep falling down. She finds that a bandana makes a great belt. (Scout #2 tries to put her banana through her belt loops..."I don't get it!") Ldr: Scout #9 is very hot. She ties a wet bandana around her neck to keep her cool. (We had a pretend pond she dipped her bandana in..) (Scout #2 dips banana in pond, holds it to her neck and says.."I don't get it!" Ldr: Scouts #10 and !! are always hungry...girls come in carrying lunch in bandana hobo-style....but they found a way to keep munchies close at hand. (Scout #2's eyes light up as she peels and takes a bite of her banana..."I GET it!!!!")


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