Bandana Not A Banana


Bandana Not A Banana


Bandanas, (enough for whole troop, except one person. Neckercheives work fine.) an over-ripe banana, a day later sign with 3 hours later on the back, 1 backpack for Patrol Leader and water bottles (enough for whole troop).


Whole troop - a Patrol Leader, a Model scout, a Non paying attention scout, and the rest of the troop. The Leader and the Model scout should wear Their uniforms with a shirt under it, the non paying attention scout wears a normal sweatshirt with hood up, jeans that you are not afriad to get dirty, and a baseball cap. The others wear a class B summer camp shirt or other class B clothes and shorts.


Patrol Leader (PL): Tommorrow we will be going on a hike. Everyone here will meet at Nickeldale at 2pm carring only a water bottle and a bandana-. Narrator: Cutting the Patrol Leader off walks in the Non paying attention scout (NPAS) (NPAS): Sorry I’m late I was watching wrestling and then I realized I had a meeting. PL: Fine take a seat next to ___________ (Model Scout; MS) he’ll fill you on on what we went over so far. MS(with an accent) : Ok so far ___________ (PL) has told us to that tommarow at 2pm we have a hike over at Nickeldale and we can only bring a bandana (sounding like a banana). NPAS: Got it. A water bottle and a banana (as he slides over next to his friend.) MS: Wait, you need a bandana, not a banana… Never mind if he can’t hear me, who cares. PL: Ok meeting is over. You all can go home, just remember the hike tommorrow at 2pm. Narrator holds up 1 Day Later Sign and the troop walks in. PL:Ok before we go does everyone have their water bottles and bandanas? Troop: Yes PL: Ok, since we want to be hands free on this hike everyone give your water bottle to me and I’ll put it in my back pack. Narrator: Everyone hands their water bottles to the PL. PL: Now I will demonstrate how to fold your bandana. First fold it in half and make sure it has a nice crease. NPAS: Are you sure? I don’t think your suppose to do that. PL: Oh yeah I’ve done this lots of times. Narrator: Then the patrol Leader and everyone else folds it in half and gives it a really good crease. PL: Now fold it in half one more time just to make it small enough to fit in your pocket giving it another good crease and then put it in your pocket. Narrator: Everyone folds it and then sticks it in the back pocket. PL: Now pat it down to make sure it's there. Narrator: Everyone pats it down real hard except NPAS who asks again. NPAS: Are you sure? PL: Yes I’m sure. Why would I do it if I wasn’t sure? Narrator: NPAS shruggs and sticks it in his back pocket patting it down with the most disgusted face. Finaly he gets over how disgusting it is and pats it even harder. NPAS: It actually feels good. PL: Yes it does knowing its there just incase you need it. OK. Now we are ready for the hike. Narrator: All the boys walk away following the PL. (3 hours later sign gets held up) PL: We are done. You all will get the requirement signed off next meeting, but before we all part ways, take out your bandana and rub all the sweat of your face and drink your water. Narrator: Everyone takes their bandanas out of their pockets and begin to rub the sweat off while NPAS uses his banana. PL to NPAS: What is that stuff on your face? No matter use your bandana to wipe it off. Narrator: NPAS takes out his bandana again to rub it off. PL: Your bandana, not your banana. NPAS: Oops! PL: Everyone go home ang take a shower, especially you, NPAS. Narrator: MS quickly walks over sticks his finger on NPAS’s face getting some banana off. MS: Yummy! Narrator: MS quiclky puts his arm around NPAS as they walk away. MS: So where do you get your bananas from? THE END


Chris Wilson


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