Bandana Instructor


Bandana Instructor


A bandana and an over-ripe banana.


2 people - an instructor and a plant in the audience. The plant should wear old clothes that can be stained.


Instructor tells how they went to Philmont and went on a hike. Before they left, they had to give up their most unnecessary items and only take what was needed. One of the items they were allowed to take was a bandana because it served so many purposes - which they will now demonstrate. Ask for an audience volunteer - someone who has a bandana. (Choose the plant in the audience, who comes down acting a bit less than intelligent.) Tell the plant that because it is a big audience, you will show one side and he should show the other. Instructor takes out bandana and shows it to the crowd "I've got my bandana!" Plant watches, then takes out Banana "I got my bandnana!" Instructor tells plant to do exactly as he does. Instructor goes through the following, and the plant does as he is told, each time asking, "are you sure?" or "should I do that now?" Instructor: "First, fold it in half. Fold it again. Put it in your back pocket. Wipe your armpits with it. Now unfold it and put it on your head. Shine your shoes with it." When done, the last instruction is "Whew, I've worked up a sweat, now wipe your forehead with it!" Finally, the plan and instructor turn and face each other, and the Instructor is shocked "What happened to you?! Where's your bandana?" Plant: "Bandana?? Bandana?! I though you said 'Banana'!"




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