Banana Stawberry Choclolate Dessert


Banana Stawberry Choclolate Dessert


Bananas, Strawberries, Brown sugar, Chocolate Chips, caramel water (amounts vary due to amount of people served).


Dutch oven, two pots so that one can sit on top of the other, coal warmer (or chimney), scooper, stirrer, and 30 pieces of charcoal.


Slice bananas and strawberries and set aside. Then coat the bottom of the dutch oven with brown sugar about 1 centimeter centimeter thick then place a thin layer of the fruit and cover in brow sugar, repeat this until the dutch oven is full (remember to layer it). Close the oven tightly and place 8 pieces of charcoal on the top, and 8 on the bottom. Set in a safe place and add two pieces of charcoal every to the top and two to the bottom every five minutes. Cook it for 30 minutes. FOR THE SAUCE: Add water to the bottom pot until it is about halfway full then place on high heat (or just a fire will do) and bring to a simmer. in the upper pot add the caramel and the chocolate chips and place the pot on top and stir until creamy. Scoop out fruit from dutch oven drizzle chocolate on it, and ENJOY! :)


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This is an awesome recipe that works for me at home and when i go camping it tastes great kids (scouts) love it and its really an easy recipe.


Anthony Stoico


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