Banana Pudding


Banana Pudding


3 people


One person is the chef, one the eater, & one the director


T Director: "Action!" Chef: (Stirs imaginary pot.) Eater: (Walks into room) "Whatcha Making?" Chef: "Banana Pudding" Eater: "Can I try some?" Chef: "Sure" Eater: (Dips finger in pot then licks it) "Mmmm, that's good" (Then falls over dead.) Chef: (Begins rushing to the eater) Director: "Cut! cut! cut! That will never work, Try it faster!" They repeat the scene, each time overacting the parts - "Faster" is so fast no one can understand what they are saying. Try Slower, Really Slow, Peppier, Hillbilly Style, More Macho, etc. Then the director says "okay, one last time. Remember back to your camping days? Remember the _____(put in whatever you want about your camp). Remember that & do it like when you were at scout camp. Examples of ways to do it like a scout are wash your hands, please & thank you, when the person falls over perfect CPR techniques, etc.


Ferdinand Tretter


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