baked camembert/instant cheese fondue


baked camembert/instant cheese fondue


1 round camembert cheese per 2 people french bread/baguette (optional) fresh herbs eg: thyme, sage etc.


aluminuim foil


wrap camembert cheese (with optional herbs on top) in minimum 2 layers of foil in case 1 rips (scrunch loosely at the top) and place onto fire embers. after 5mins or so the cheese should be melted depending how hot coals are. take off fire and unwrap, break through the rind (which will not have melted) to reveal your instant cheese fondue! dip in torn off bits of french bread, or anything else really:) enjoy as a snack or late night supper!


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i dont know much about american cheese, whether you guys have french cheese or not, brie is another cheese that works retty well for this, but if you dont have it any soft/runny cheese with a good rind should work. Hard cheese like cheddar would burn.


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