Bacon Tree


Bacon Tree


No equipment, except if you want you can use something that sounds like a gun.


Have a person behind a bush with either the gun noise maker or they just make a gun noise themselves and 3+ people a few feet away from bush. Have the person behind the bush not seen by audience.


Scout one: Hello men I have heard the enemy base is up ahead, why don't you(points at another scout) go check it out.(Scout that got pointed at goes over to the bush, you hear gun shots and the scout falls on the ground yelling "It's a Bacon Tree!!!!!", now the same thing happens for each scout except the one who tells them to go check it out.) Scout one: Okay well I guess I should go see now that I've lost my best men.(Scout walks over to bush u hear the gun shot, he falls down) Scout One: (while on the ground) Idiots this wasn't a bacon tree, It was hambush!




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