Automation of School Library


Automation of School Library


i went through a library and got rid of the old and worn books (about400). i then extracted the book cards from the book and matched them with cardcatolog cards(6,700 cards). we had to make cards for the paper back books since they had no cards. we had to write author, publisher, place of publication, year published,library of congress code, year printed and place of printing. After that we sent in the card catolog cards and had the info transfered onto a computer and had bar code lables and new spine stickers made, and applied them. The computer will replace the cardcatolog, and check books out. a student will find a book by typing in title, author or subject, find dewey decimal number, find book, on computer they will click on their grade (for instance 5th grade) then click on either there name or picture, scan the bar codes on the book and lieve. they will not have to write anything or even get the book stamped by a librarian. the project lasted 4 months and ended up being 500+ hours of work.


Ferdinand Tretter


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