Around the World for 5 Dollars


Around the World for 5 Dollars


Globe (inflatable is easiest), fake money, assortment of duffel bags, 6 scouts


Hide globe out of site of audience.


Scout Salesman: See the world for 5 dollars! Just 5 dollars to go around the world! Scout 1: I’ll pay 5 dollars to see the world! Scout 2: I will too! Scout 3: Can I go? (has all pennies, spilling) Scout 4: To another scout: Do you have five bucks I can borrow? Salesman: O.K., now line up and wait right here for me. Salesman gets globe from its hiding place and puts it in the center of the room. Salesman: Does everyone have their bags? O.K., follow me and don’t forget to bring a camera! Salesman leads them in a large circle around the globe.


Kelly Hansen


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