Apple Upside Down Cobbler


Apple Upside Down Cobbler


5-6 large Apples cut in slices 2 cups Brown sugar 1 stick Butter or Margerine Opt. Walnuts or Pecans 1/4 cup of Maple syrup 2 Boxes of yellow cake mix (mix as directions on box)


Dutch Oven Mixing Bowl Cheif's Kit Heavy Duty Alumn Foil Hot coals Gloves and Lid lifter


Make a "rope" of aluminium foil about 2-3 feet long. Make a loose coil and place in the bottom of the dutch oven. Make a pan out of aluminium foil in the dutch oven . Place several tabs of butter on the bottom of the pan and melt. Add the brown sugar and maple syrup and continue to melt (sprinkle walnuts or pecans now if wanted). Add the apples followed by the cake mix DO NOT STIR OR MIX....Cover The dutch oven and add coals to the top (12 coals on bottom and 8-10 on top) . Bake about 20-35 min or until done .Add coals to keep the temp of the oven if neccesary.


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