Apple Pie a-la Dutch Oven


Apple Pie a-la Dutch Oven


Fresh Apples, Cinnamon Sugar mix(small zip lock bag size), Butter, Frozen pie dough


Patrol Dutch Oven (around 8-10 inch) Hot coals


Peel apples and cut to about pinky finger size. Coat oven lightly with butter or crisco. Line bottom with one of the two pie dough sheets. Pour in apple pieces, coat liberally with cinn-sugar mix. Place pats of butter all over (save one pat). Cut second pie dough into strips about one inch and criss cross top. Use last pat to lightly coat top dough, then sprinkle real good with more cinn-sugar. Bake with hot coals for about 20 minutes. When top crust is golden brown, shake coals off top and cover again for about another 5 minutes. (gives bottom chance to crisp up) Serve.


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Last campout a 11 year old Tenderfoot did this for his Patrol. I watched him make this and had doubts. As Scoutmaster I naturally had to taste test and quickly learned that not only did it taste good but it was hot. Be sure to keep something cool to drink handy.


Ferdinand Tretter


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