Anything is possible in Scouting


Anything is possible in Scouting


About 10 scouts, Walking stick, Poppers, Music, a 'Hole'.


Practice. Practice. Practice. Perfection!


The boys are gathering for a Den Hike through the woods. The first two boys walk up and set the stage, one is holding a walking stick. Then each boy walks up and states his line. Scout 1: “So, (scout 2’s name), are you ready for our Den hike?” Scout 2: “I sure am! Who knows what we’ll find this time.” Scout 3: “What a great day for Scouting!” Scout 4: “What’s up? Did you guys see this month’s Boy’s Life?” Scout 5: “Yeah, I was reading about the Eagle Scout who dug the hole to China? Scout 6: “ I saw that, but NO WAY is that real. You can’t dig a hole to China!” Scout 7: “Sure you can! I just wonder how he got away with the ‘Leave No Trace’ rules." Scout 8: “Guys – that hole was dug right here in these woods.” “You’re nuts!” “Not a chance.” “No way.” “That was just a joke!” – First four scouts Scout 9 says “Anything is possible with scouting.” Scout 10: "Come on, let’s start our hike – I need to find some birds and finish up my World Conservation Award." Fifth & sixth boys say – “OK, let’s go!” “Yeah, let’s get started” And they start their hike a few seconds later… Scout 1: “Hey, what’s that big hole over there?” Scout 2: “Just a hole. No way that is the hole in the magazine.” Scout 3: “ What a great day for Scouting!” Scout 4: “It sure looks like the hole they wrote about, look how deep it is!” Scout 5: “I wonder how long it would take to get to China through that hole?” Scout 6: “I see it, but NO WAY is this real. You can’t dig a hole to China” Scout 7: “He was probably working on Geology, and got a little carried away” Scout 8: “Like I said, it was right here in THIS woods. This has got to be it” Scout 9: “Anything is possible with scouting.” Scout 10: “I wonder what kind of birds I can see in China?” Boys discuss and decide they have to enter – "Remember the buddy system!" "Do you have your ID with you?" "How about the 50 cents for a phone call?" "Do they still have pay phones in China?" The boys disappear down the hole, two at a time. A few seconds later they reappear on the other side of the hole with wide eyes and shocked looks – then they all yell out with excitement… “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!" As they release their poppers. Chinese music playing.


Steve Kleinrichert


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