Always a Leader


Always a Leader


I bought some Scouting items on Ebay from a person who said he spent 12 years as a leader. The following is the reply I sent to him... Hi Ray, you may be selling off some of your Scouting stuff but after 12 years as a leader, you will always be a leader. Some time down the road a man will FLY up to you and you won't know who he is at first. Then he will look into your eyes, shake your hand, tell you who he is, and you will remember the fledgling child you helped to become an Eagle. You'll talk, show the pictures in your wallets, and exchange numbers you may never call. Then he will turn and FLY away again and you will remember that guy in New Jersey because he said, you will always be a leader.. Sincerely, Rob Cleary


Robert Cleary


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