Alice, where are you going? boom-boom-boom-boom (pretend to climp up stairs) Upstairs, to take a bath, DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY! (pretend to brush dirt off clothes) Alice, with legs like toothpicks SNAP! (pretend to break stick over knee) and a neck like a gir-raff-raff-raff-raff-raff-raff-raff-raff... (slide hands up and down nck rapidly) Alice, jumps in the water, SPLASH! (jump up) Alice, pulls out the plug (pretend to pull out the plug), OH NO!!!(scared face) OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY SOUL (scared face again)! THERE GOES ALICE, DOWN THE HOLE (point down)!!! into the sewer sewer sewer which is just 3 blocks away from Joe's Junior High. (clap hands during whole part) 3 CHEERS FOR JOE'S JUNIOR HIGH! IT'S THE BEST JUNIOR HIGH IN IT'S LEAGUE! IT'S COLORS ARE PURPLE AND WHITE! THE PURPLE STANDS FOR FREEDOM AND THE WHITE STANDS FOR FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT(shake fists in air)!!! repeat song, but change 3 blocks away from 2 to 1 to right next to

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