Advised church daycare center furniture renovation


Advised church daycare center furniture renovation


In 1999 I decided to repaint my church's daycare furniture by disassembling about 70 wooden and metal chairs, sanding the wood and metal then repainting the wood and resealing the metal. The church daycare also functions as a preschool during the week, so we were helping a lot of children to have safer and sturdier chairs to sit on. We also removed all the original loose screws and nails and replaced them with new ones. The paints we used were meant for children and they were much safer and durable than the original paint that had been on them for probably 20 years or more. We sanded all the metal legs and back supports and then sealed them with a child-safe metallic based ink that dries very thick and is virtually chip resistant. All materials used were donated and I supervised (and helped, a lot!) about 8 younger scouts through the 3 day process. In the end the newly painted and sanded chairs looked amazing and were much safer for the children.


Michael Lohr


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