Adding a step / stair system on Mt Monadnock


Adding a step / stair system on Mt Monadnock


At the upper portion of Mt Monadnock in SW NH by Keene there is a very steep section of Rock that is quite dangerous especially when there's a log jam of hikers - on the White Dot trail almost to the summit. 3/4 of the way just above the treeline. I sprained my ankle there because there were no hand holds and slid down part of the rock, cutting my ankle. Had to walk down the rest of the mountain in pain. Not fun. It would be nice if an Eagle Scout or future Eagle Scout could work on a Eagle project with the NH State parks to add a wooden stair system (Such as the stairs on Osseo Trail on Mt Flume) to get over the steep section, perhaps with a Platform halfway to allow for people to step aside and let faster climbers up and down, and to stop and take in the view. adding metal handrails handholds would be good here too. This is a slab of rock thats about 15-20 feet high toward the very top of Mt Monadnock on the White Dot. You'll know it when you get to it. Anyone who can do this project idea, would be a great Eagle scout idea


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