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Title Ringleader

Play Troop or patrol sits in a circle and chooses a scout to be "it." "It" leaves the room (if outside, "it" goes out of hearing distance) and the remaining scouts choose a "ringleader." When "it" returns, he must figure out who the ringleader is. The scouts copy the ringleader, who changes his chosen motion every 15 seconds (clapping, patting head, etc.).

Rules If "it" identifies the ringleader in three guesses, he stays "it" and a new ringleader is chosen. If he doesn't guess in three, the ringleader becomes "it."
Note: If "it" is seen as an undesirable position, then he can get out of being "it" by guessing in three.

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Contributor Kate Harmer


Date Entered28-May-2012

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