Crossing the Alligator Pit Activity


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Title Crossing the Alligator Pit

Equipment Per Patrol:
Three 6-8' long spars
Three 6' lashing ropes
Four guy ropes
(If you don't have enough for each patrol, see note under Scoring)

Play You can either buy an alligator pit that is 20' long and wide enough for all of your patrols, or you can use your imagination. Patrols line up on the edge of the alligator pit (or line signifying the beginning of the imaginary alligator pit). On a signal, they lash together a triangular walker. They use a shear lashing at the top and diagonal lashings for the crossbeam. Near the top, attach the four guy ropes using two half-hitches. Stand up the walker and send one scout on the crossbar. One or two scouts man each guy line and walk it by tipping up one side and then the other and moving it forward.

Scoring The first patrol to get their walker across the alligator pit wins.
Note: If you don't have enough equipment to let all patrols go at once, time each patrol individually and then the quickest patrol wins.

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Contributor Kate Harmer


Date Entered20-Mar-2012

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