Riders and Horses Activity


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Title Riders and Horses

Play Put scouts in two lines. The back line is riders and the front is their horses. On command "mount," the back line mounts the front line. Simple commands are issued (sit on the floor, do a somersault, etc). Riders must dismount, accomplish the task, and remount. The last rider to mount his horse after completing a task is out.
VARIATION 1: Horse & Rider Touch. The commands given are to touch specific objects (floor, green, Joey, tree, etc). The horse runs to the object and the rider must touch it. The horse then runs back to its spot in line.
VARIATION 2: Change Horses. Riders are mounted on their horses. On a command, they must change horses without touching the ground.

Scoring The last rider and horse left win.

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Contributor Kate Harmer


Date Entered13-Jan-2012

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