Bull in the Ring Activity


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Title Bull in the Ring

Play Each patrol/den forms a circle. A person from another patrol/den is in the center of the circle. This person is the "bull." Each bull tries to break out of the patrol encircling him.
VARIATION 1: The entire troop makes a circle, and one patrol is in the center being the "bull." All the patrolmen must escape.
VARIATION 2: Each scout has a rope. They must tie all ropes together using a certain knot while preventing the bull from escaping.

Scoring The first bull to break out of the circle wins a point for his whole patrol.
V1: Time each patrol being the bull. Whichever patrol breaks out fastest wins.
V2: If the bull breaks out before the ropes are all tied, it wins. If all of the knots can be tied before the bull escapes, the circle wins.

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Contributor Kate Harmer


Date Entered13-Jan-2012

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