Obstacle Relay Race Activity


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Title Obstacle Relay Race

Equipment A rubber band made from tied strips of inner tube, a wood or cardboard barrel open at both ends, a turnaround marker to be placed 50 feet in front of the patrol/den.

Play Patrol/den relay: Stretch and peg the rubber band into the ground about ten feet (~3.3m for everyone else on this planet) in front of the starting area, put the barrel on its side halfway between the rubber band and turnaround marker. The first scout will run up, lift up the rubber band to crawl under, then run to, and crawl through the barrel. Then the scout will run around the marker, run back to the barrel, crawl through it, then jump over the rubber band, and tag the next person.

Scoring The first patrol/den to do 8 laps wins.

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Contributor Zack Z15


Date Entered22-Jul-2011

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