Creative Designs Activity


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Title Creative Designs

Equipment Each patrol will need a plethora of random objects, such as Scout staves or saplings (not live ones, "You are killing the trees!"), lashing cords, tin cans, and coat hangers (and liability waivers if explosives are to be involved)

Play Assign specific task(s) to each patrol/den, to have them create something that will accomplish this. Assign all to one, or one to all, for variety in tasks. Give them a set time to build it. Assign a task(s) such as a device that will weigh camp objects up to 50 pounds, a device to send secret messages by a concealed operator at least 10 feet away from the invention, or a device that will catapult a 25 pound weight (preferably not a live object, unless it is a cat) at least 30 feet.

Scoring The patrol/den with the most ingenious device that meets the requirements best wins.

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Date Entered21-Jul-2011

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