Island Hopping Activity


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Title Island Hopping

Equipment A sheet of paper for each patrol/den member, plus one sheet. If playing outside, you may want to use blocks, and you may also want to give each person two pieces, and tell them that they can only have one foot on one at a time.

Play Line up pieces of paper. Have everyone stand on their pieces, leaving the extra one at the back. The scouts will then take the paper and pass it up to the front, allowing them to advance one piece of paper. This will continue until all scouts and pieces of paper are across the finish line.

Rules If a person touches the ground, then they drown, and the whole patrol/den has to go to the starting line without resetting their time.

Scoring The patrol/den that gets across to the finish line the fastest, with all patrol/den members alive, wins.

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Date Entered15-Jul-2011

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