Relay the Message Activity


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Title Relay the Message

Play Station members of each patrol/den along a circular path about half a mile long. Give each member of each patrol/den a number. Number ones will group at the beginning of the trail, divide the trail into the proper amount of segments so each person has a stretch to run. At the beginning of their stretch, give a place for each number to group. Tell a message to the number ones. They must run to the number twos and relay the message to them, once they are done, then the number twos run to the next group.

Scoring The first patrol/den with their last person across the finish line, having relayed the message through all of their patrol/den, that can say the message correctly, wins, and it is possible that they will goof it up and say something really funny.

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Contributor Zack Z15


Date Entered13-Jul-2011

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