Bucket Brigade Activity


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Title Bucket Brigade

Equipment Each patrol/den will need two milk bottles, and each scout will need a plastic cup.

Play Form the patrol/den into a line, and place a milk bottle at each end. Fill one mostly full of water, and make a mark on the other that is 1/4" below the water line of the one with water. On signal, the patrol leader will fill his cup with water from the full milk bottle, and pour it into the next scout's cup, continuing on to the end, where the last scout will pour the water into the empty bottle. This will continue until the bottle with water has been emptied, and the empty bottle has been filled.

Rules If a patrol/den spills much water, they may be unable to fill the empty bottle.

Scoring The patrol/den to fill up the empty bottle using the correct procedure, wins.

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Date Entered11-Jul-2011

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