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Title Can It

Equipment Each patrol/den will need two No. 10 cans, various articles such as buttons, nails, pieces of string, rocks, sticks, et cetera.

Play Line up each patrol/den with a can at each end. Number each person in the patrol/den, starting over with each new patrol/den, and make sure all the patrols/dens have the same number of people. Have all participants sit down with their feet extended. Place three objects in a can by each patrol/den. Shout out a number and item. The scout with the corresponding number, will jump up and transfer that item to the other can, and then return to their place.

Scoring The first scout sitting back in his place after transferring the item, garners a point for his patrol/den. Scouts must keep track of which items are in which cans, so they know where to find it.

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Date Entered05-Jul-2011

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