Scout Law Baseball Activity


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Title Scout Law Baseball

Equipment A set of 14 cards; 12 are numbered 1-12, one is blank, and one has an "X" on it.

Play Draw a small baseball field on the floor or ground. Line up the batting team (first patrol/den up) behind the home plate. The umpire (game leader) holds all of the cards and allows the scout up to bat to draw a card. The scout must recite the point of the scout law corresponding with the number on the card drawn. If the scout is unable to correctly recite the point or draws the "X" card, they are out. After three outs, the next patrol/den is up to bat.

Rules Card #2 = a double
Card #6 = a triple
Card #12 = a home run
Blank Card = take a base from balls
"X" Card = 3 strikes (Out!)
Every other Card = a single

Scoring The patrol/den with the most runs after three innings wins.

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Date Entered20-Jun-2011

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