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Our library contains scores of social skills activities. Spend some time reading through the games here and you will find many ideas to help you teach social skills to your participants.

In addition to teaching a specific social skill, many of these activities in this section and other sections of the site will be effective in strengthening participants' social skills simply through the interaction involved in the games. You might find some other helpful ideas in our section on teenager activities or in the list of childrens activities.

Enjoy using the Social Skills Activities library, and be sure to add your favorite Social Skills Activities and games for others to read!

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Amoeba tag

Out of a large group, pick one person to be the Amoeba. They will proceed to chase people around and try to tag them. A tagged person must link arms with whoever tagged them. Whenever an amoeba chain gets to 4 people, they...[read full activity]


Ankle Tag

A scout is safe from being tagged only if he grabs the ankle of another scout, who is only safe if he's got someone else's ankle. Small game area suggested....[read full activity]

Ante Over

Split the patrol in half, and send each team on one side of the barrier. One person will yell Ante Over and throw the ball over the barrier. If anyone on the other team then catches the ball without letting it touch the gro...[read full activity]


Art Gallery

Hang up the pictures around the room. Have scouts walk around with their pencil and paper, and try to identify all of the people in the pictures. ...[read full activity]

Balloon Ball

Split the group into two teams. One will form a ring around their balloon floating in shallow water. The other will line up on the shore, and, on signal, will attack and try to pop the balloon. They have three minutes to t...[read full activity]


Balloon Battle Royale

Scouts blow up their balloons and tie them to the back of their belts. As soon as everyone is ready, the scouts try to pop others' balloons without letting their own get popped....[read full activity]

Blindfolded Steal-the Bacon

Play like the game Steal-the-Bacon, except when two people are called out to grab the bacon-flavored neckerchief in the middle, their team must first blindfold them, spin them around three times, and call out directions....[read full activity]


Broom-Sled Race

Using the broom as a sled, have one scout sit on it and the other pull....[read full activity]

Bucket Brigade

Form the patrol/den into a line, and place a milk bottle at each end. Fill one mostly full of water, and make a mark on the other that is 1/4" below the water line of the one with water. On signal, the patrol leader wi...[read full activity]



You will need: Two large cartons or buckets; a basketball. Place the buckets on opposite sides of the room. Play as normal basketball, except when one patrol/den is scored on, they must move off of the court to allow the ot...[read full activity]

Can It

Line up each patrol/den with a can at each end. Number each person in the patrol/den, starting over with each new patrol/den, and make sure all the patrols/dens have the same number of people. Have all participants sit down...[read full activity]


Canoe splash

Have two people in every canoe. One person will paddle, the other will use their pail to try to fill up other boats until they sink....[read full activity]

Canoeing Tug-of-War

Tie the painters of two canoes together, with two people in each canoe. On signal, they will try to pull the other canoe past a given point by paddling....[read full activity]


Chain Tag

The first scout tagged joins hands with "it." The next tagged scout holds to the first scout, and so forth....[read full activity]

Circle Link

Each patrol/den sits in a circle with their legs crossed and their arms linked. On a signal from the leader, they try to stand up without breaking the circle....[read full activity]



The game leader will shuffle the cards and pick one. He will transmit this letter using morse code and the buzzer. The patrols/dens will take their card, and if a number on it is signaled, they will cover it up on their car...[read full activity]

Compass Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent game for entry-level orienteering. Scouts are given compass directions on a slip of paper (printed from the next page). The directions take Scouts through a triangle-shaped course which, if done correctly...[read full activity]



The game leader will have a list of simple words (such as farraginous, fulgurating, tintanabulation, eutaxy, or cat) and throw the rubber ball (again, DON'T use a grenade) to a scout, while shouting out a word. The scout mus...[read full activity]

Cooking Gimmick Creation

Give all of the patrols/dens one cooking gimmick to create, such as a reflector, pot for boiling water, frying pan, fire tongs, soup spoon, ladle, and forks....[read full activity]


Cooking Gimmick Creativity

Tell patrols/dens to try to create a useful cooking appliance. Give suggestions to stimulate ideas, such as a reflector, a pot for boiling water, a frying pan, fire tongs, soup spoon, ladle, and forks. Tell them that they w...[read full activity]

Crab Ball

Make two goal lines about 40 feet apart. Split the group into two teams. Line each team up on their goal line. Everyone must always remain in the crab position, on their hands and feet, with their back to the ground. They...[read full activity]


Creative Designs

Assign specific task(s) to each patrol/den, to have them create something that will accomplish this. Assign all to one, or one to all, for variety in tasks. Give them a set time to build it. Assign a task(s) such as a devi...[read full activity]

Cross Tag

The scout who is "it" must chase the same scout until he is caught or until another scout crosses between them. The scout who crossed between the tagger and his prey becomes the one that "it" chases....[read full activity]


Crowded Patrol Circles

Create one circle for each patrol/den. Play similar to the rules of the game "Crowded Circle," except that in the darkness, patrols/dens must find their respective circles....[read full activity]

Crows and Cranes

Split the group into two teams. Designate one side as crows and the other as cranes. Teams will face each other across the center line 2-3 feet apart. Game leader will call out the name of a team like, "Crrrrrrrows!&q...[read full activity]


Doctor's Nature Scavenger Hunt

Patrols are given the sealed letter. It should contain instructions similar to these: "Greetings, young scouts. Your senior patrol leader has come down with a horrible disease, the likes of which I have seen only twice b...[read full activity]

Dodge Ball

Split the scouts into two groups. One group will form a circle around the other. The outside group will try to hit the scouts on the inside with the volleyball. If they are hit, then they are out and must leave the circle. ...[read full activity]


Dragon Riding

Form all scouts into groups of 3 people. The will make a chain, one person will be the head, and the other two will hold on with both hands. Have two or three people be the riders. They must hook on to the back of a dragon...[read full activity]

Dynamic Observation

Have a good storyteller tell a 3-5 minute story, while doing several actions, such as buttoning his shirt, walking back and forth, etc. Then have all of the scouts write down not everything the storyteller said, but did....[read full activity]


Eight First Aid Problems

Have the scouts explain the proper method to help these people. Problem A: A kid riding a bike gets hit by a car. A cut on his left forearm severs an artery and he has a simple fracture on his right leg. Problem B: A driver s...[read full activity]

Evolution Game

In this game, all scouts start out as an egg and try to evolve into a Butterfly by winning games. Eggs crawl on their knees. Larva crouch down and wriggle as they walk. Pupa stand up, but must hop with their feet together. Bu...[read full activity]


Famous Visitors

Tell the scouts you will be having a famous visitor come visit them (not sure what else a visitor would do), and they must guess their identity. Tell them that the visitor doesn't speak very good English (unless they do, you...[read full activity]

Fisherman's Line

6-person relay: Scout 1 (Sorry, I haven't quite got all of their names down yet, so I will use numbers) will take the staff (again, a stick) and sit on a chair or rock, and hold it like a fishing pole. Scout 2 (holding the t...[read full activity]


Flag Folding Display

Line up patrols/dens and place a folded American flag on a table or chair in front of each patrol/den. On cue, the first two scouts of each patrol/den will run up, unfold the flag, fold it properly and place it back, and run...[read full activity]

Freak Plant Hunt

Preparation: "Fix" plants in a given area by tying oak leaves on a quaking aspen, making an orange grow on a maple tree, make tulips bloom on a blackberry bush, etc. Explain to your scouts that there are some weird ...[read full activity]


Get the Message

Split each patrol/den in half and make one half senders and the other receivers. Line up the senders on one side of the room and the receivers on the other. The leader must whisper a message to the senders who, via morse co...[read full activity]

Grasshopper Race

Patrol/den relay: Have the first scout hold the hat between his knees and race around the marker about 25 feet away. When he gets back, he will hand off the hat to the next person. If it falls, it must be retrieved, and res...[read full activity]


Greased Watermelon

Float the watermelon in the water between two teams of scouts. Line up the scouts across from the watermelon, 25-feet apart. On signal, each team will race forward and try to pull the melon back to their own line....[read full activity]

Group Charade

The leader will come up with a big overall theme (such as camp outs the troop has been on in the past). He will whisper to every person one thing to do that was in a trip (such as being a backpack, a burning marshmallow, swi...[read full activity]


Hawaiian Handclap

Scouts sit in a circle or line and each receives a number. A 1-2-3 rhythm is established by slapping your legs, clapping, and then snapping, all in unison. Scout #1 calls another scout's number on the snap, and then that scou...[read full activity]

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Try this at your next meeting. Take your scouts on a Scavenger Hunt for the following items. When finished, have the Scouts deliver the food to a local church or foodbank for a needy family's Holiday dinner! ...[read full activity]


Horse and Rider Steal-the-Bacon

Play like the game Steal-the-Bacon, except call out two numbers, and have the smaller of the boys jump on the back of the other (or vice versa if you want to make it entertaining) and ride piggyback style (yes, you are riding...[read full activity]

Hot or Cold

Select one person to walk out of the room or the campfire circle. Have everyone else choose an article, such as a neckerchief slide or someone's button. The person that is "it" must come back and search for the it...[read full activity]


Human Chain Race

At a starting line, patrols line up with one scout behind another. With their right hands, the scouts reach between their legs and grasp the left hand of the scout standing behind them. This forms a chain. The patrol chain mu...[read full activity]

Human Obstacle Race

These are three races with obstacles formed by patrol members for patrol members. First race: The patrol members stand in a line far enough apart from each other that they can clasp hands with straight arms. One scout then ru...[read full activity]


Hunt the Candy

Hide candy within sight of a main area. When a scout sees a piece of candy, he faces it and gives his patrol call. His Patrol Leader then locates and collects the candy....[read full activity]

Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit

Two patrols/dens compete in each round. Each patrol/den must decide whether to be hunter (stand with hands on hips; beats gun, beaten by rabbit), Gun (pantomime firing a gun; beats rabbit, beaten by hunter), or rabbit (hold ...[read full activity]


Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit Tag

Two groups of patrols/dens compete in each round. Each group must decide whether to be hunter (stand with hands on hips; beats gun, beaten by rabbit), Gun (pantomime firing a gun; beats rabbit, beaten by hunter), or rabbit (h...[read full activity]

Identified Flying Saucer Diving Contest

Patrols will line up on the dock or side of the swimming pool. The game leader will throw the discs into the water, and the scouts will dive for them. Do this three times....[read full activity]


Island Hopping

Line up pieces of paper. Have everyone stand on their pieces, leaving the extra one at the back. The scouts will then take the paper and pass it up to the front, allowing them to advance one piece of paper. This will conti...[read full activity]

Izzy Dizzy Relay

In turn, each patrol member runs to a line, puts his finger on the ground, and spins six times. Then he runs back to his patrol and touches off to the next scout....[read full activity]


Jump the Shot

The game leader will stand in the middle of a circle of scouts and start spinning the rope around. Once he builds up a steady circular motion, scouts will step in and jump over it as it spins at knee-length. If a scout is h...[read full activity]

Lassoing the Steer

Create a circle 12-18' in diameter with the can or log upright in the middle, and all of the scouts standing outside of it along the line. On signal, all scouts will attempt to lasso the "steer" and pull it outside...[read full activity]


Lava River Crossing

Patrols/dens will be given a set of blocks to use to cross the "lava river". They will throw or set them out on the ground to cross the area designated as the lava river. WARNING: Do NOT use a real river of lava, ...[read full activity]

Log-Rolling Relay

Patrols line up facing the course and the first two scouts roll the log around all the stakes and back for the next two scouts to roll. This continues....[read full activity]


Long, Short, Round

Each scout gets a number (some scout might need two numbers if patrols have uneven amounts). The long, short, and round objects are in the cans in front of the patrols. An empty can is behind them. The leader uses hand signal...[read full activity]

Mad Libs A Letter From Camp

Fill in the names of your fellow scouts and then read a great Letter from Scout Camp about you and your friends....[read full activity]


Meat Grinder

Set up the meat grinder (carpeted cable reel) about 4-6 feet off the ground (may need adjustment) so that it spins freely on the pole. Each patrol/den must get each member over the meat grinder, without touching the top edge...[read full activity]

Missionary Tag

Form all people around in a ring and in pairs. Each pair must link arms. Designate a person to be the chaser and the runner (In case you didn't figure it out, the chaser chases the running runner). Pairs will link arms with...[read full activity]


Mow the Man Down

Each patrol lines up. When the game begins, the first two scouts in line grab the stick at opposite ends and hold it at knee level. They run on opposite sides of their patrol line, so each scout in line has to jump over the s...[read full activity]

Nail-Driving Relay

line up patrols/dens and place their materials 20 ft in front of them. On signal, the first scout will run up and drive a nail into the wood, and then run back and tag the next person. NOTE: children may require supervision/...[read full activity]


Name That Fish

Hand the pictures or silhouettes (or smells, if you weren't paying attention earlier) on the walls around the room, and give patrols/dens three minutes to identify all of the fish....[read full activity]

Nature Go-Down

Line up patrols/dens in relay formation. Have the game leader walk around and show an item to the first person in each line. If they do not correctly identify it, they must go down to the back of the line. ...[read full activity]


Nature Memory Hunt

Patrol can look at the display silently for a few minutes and then are sent off to collect as many items from the display that they can remember....[read full activity]

Nature Snap

Patrols are given five minutes to collect as many small nature specimens (pine needles, feathers, leaves, twigs, etc.) as they can. At the end of the time, all patrols are called back to the meeting place. A scout from one pa...[read full activity]


Nest Banding

Each scout has a piece of yarn, and each patrol/den is assigned their own color. Scouts will comb over a defined area with set boundaries. Scouts will "claim" a nest by tying their piece of yarn or string around a...[read full activity]

Newspaper Basketball

Give each scout two pieces of newspaper. On signal, the first scout will crumple his newspaper, and throw it into the basket about 15 feet away. ...[read full activity]


Newspaper Good Turn

Have patrols/dens go through their newspaper and circle everything that could count as someone doing a good turn (like a textbook good turn, except newspaper good turn). ...[read full activity]

No Paddle Race

Put four people in every canoe. Without using a paddle, scouts will paddle to the finish using only their hands....[read full activity]


Obstacle Relay Race

Patrol/den relay: Stretch and peg the rubber band into the ground about ten feet (~3.3m for everyone else on this planet) in front of the starting area, put the barrel on its side halfway between the rubber band and turnaroun...[read full activity]


Line up the troop 4-5 ft. away from the designated "O'Grady." O'Grady will yell out commands for the participants to do. If O'Grady yells out a command such as, "O'Grady says: touch your nose" then every...[read full activity]


O'Grady vs

Divide the group into two lines facing the "O'Grady." O'Grady will yell out commands for the participants to do. If O'Grady yells out a command such as, "O'Grady says: touch your nose" then everyone in t...[read full activity]

One-Handed Knot Tying

Split the patrols/dens in half and line them up, having 20 feet between the front scouts. The game leader will yell out a knot, and the front people will run up and, with one hand behind their backs, tie their end of the kno...[read full activity]


Over and Under Relay

Patrol lines up. The front player has the ball and passes it over his head to the player behind him. This continues until the ball reaches the last scout, who runs to the front of the line and passes the ball between his legs...[read full activity]

Over the Line

Split the group in half and designate boundaries and a line between groups. Players will walk up to the line and stick their arms out. They will try to pull the other team over the line to make them join their team....[read full activity]



Scouts stand in a circle and count off 1-2-1-2. Scouts are now standing next to people on the opposite team. Give a scout on Team One a ball, and on the opposite side of the circle, give Team Two a ball. Scouts pass the ball ...[read full activity]

Patrol Charades

Each patrol/den will prepare a charade of an activity required for a merit badge. Patrols/dens will act out their merit badges one at a time, while the others try to guess the merit badge....[read full activity]



Mark a playing field at least 40 feet square. Two goal squares at opposite ends are 5 or 6 feet square. The patrol flagstaffs are planted in the center of the goal square, about 3 inches down. One patrol tries to knock the ot...[read full activity]

Poison Stump

Have 10-20 people form a ring around the poison stump. They will grab wrists and try to avoid the poison stump. Whoever touches it is out....[read full activity]


Poison Web

Using the twine, tie segments onto something like trees, forming a web. Each patrol/den must get every person through the web. Each section can only be used once. If a person touches the web, they, or their entire patrol/d...[read full activity]

Pony Express Race

Patrol/den relay: On signal, all scouts will tie their rope to the leg of the person in front of them using a clove hitch. While holding the other end of the rope in a hand, they will raise the other hand after they tie the ...[read full activity]



Scouts split into three equal teams, each with his own number (if teams are unequal, scouts can have multiple numbers). The three teams line up in parallel lines, with the two outside teams the same distance from the center t...[read full activity]

Read it, Do it

Divide each patrol into two teams: senders and receivers. Station at least 20 yards apart. Patrol leader decides on a signalling method for his patrol. The first sender sends a message to his receiver to do something (Salute,...[read full activity]


Ring Ball

Have everyone form a ring around the person in the middle, or the monkey. The people in the ring will throw the ball around and try to keep it away from the monkey. The monkey will try to make the ball hit the ground. If t...[read full activity]


Troop or patrol sits in a circle and chooses a scout to be "it." "It" leaves the room (if outside, "it" goes out of hearing distance) and the remaining scouts choose a "ringleader." Whe...[read full activity]


Rooster Brawl

What to do: Players grab one foot with one hand and hold it off the ground. They will try to knock people off balance, if both feet touch the floor, then they are out and must leave the designated playing area. If anybody l...[read full activity]

Rooster Tag

Play the same as the game Rooster Pull, except have everyone in a large field, and if somebody falls, has their tail pulled, or leaves the field, then they are out....[read full activity]


Rubber Ball Relay

Patrols line up with the first scout holding the ball. When the game starts, the first and second scout hold the ball between their foreheads and carry it to the bottle. When the ball is on the bottle, the scouts can grab it,...[read full activity]

Scout Hangman

A fun game of Hangman with words under the subject of Scouting....[read full activity]


Scout Law Baseball

Draw a small baseball field on the floor or ground. Line up the batting team (first patrol/den up) behind the home plate. The umpire (game leader) holds all of the cards and allows the scout up to bat to draw a card. The s...[read full activity]

Scout Law Hunt

Patrols/dens split up. On cue, they begin searching through the newspapers for items that illustrate a point of the scout law. Scouts will tear or cut the items out, and record the point of the Scout Law on a clipboard as w...[read full activity]


Scout Law Hunt V1

Leaders select a difficult point of the Scout Law, and the first patrol/den to find an example of that in the newspaper wins....[read full activity]

Scouting History

Give patrols/dens the following ten questions, based on the handbook. 1. Who was the founder of the Scouting movement? 2. what was his profession? 3. In what country was Scouting founded? 4. When was the first Boy Scout han...[read full activity]


Sealed Orders

Split the troop into two groups. Have each send up a representative to receive their written orders. They will take the orders back and show their team. On signal, the teams will attempt to carry out their orders. Give co...[read full activity]

Shark Trap

Have scouts form a ring by linking arms in waist deep water. Designate one person to be in the middle and be the shark. The shark will try to break out by any way they choose....[read full activity]


Ships in the Fog

Patrol leaders are inside the harbor, the mouth of which is formed by two chairs. Patrols are blindfolded in single file with their hands on the shoulders of the scout in front of them. The patrol leader must shout directions...[read full activity]

Shoot the Gap

Make two goal lines on opposite sides of the field or floor (lets call it an arena). Designate one person to be the guardian of the gap between the two goal lines. Split everyone else into two teams and put one half on each...[read full activity]


Short Splice Tug-of-War

For each pair of teams: line up teams like in Tug-of-War, and place the 4-foot rope between them perpendicular to the dividing line, so that each end is facing a team. Give a 15-foot length piece of rope to each team. On si...[read full activity]

Shuttle Run Relay

Patrol/den relay: split the patrol/den in half and line them up across from each other 30 feet away. Place both batons at one side. The first scout from the side opposite the blocks will run, after the signal, grab block 1 ...[read full activity]


Signal Steal-the-Bacon

Line up two teams facing each other, with the "bacon" in the middle. Team captains at one end will receive a letter, and then signal it to their team. Each person in a team will be given a letter, so that they for...[read full activity]

Signal Step Contest

All scouts will line up on a line. The leader will signal a letter, then signal it again. The scouts will write down this letter. The leader will tell them what the letter was, and the scouts will show their written letter...[read full activity]


Skin the Snake

Patrol members line up with their right hands between their legs, grabbing the left hand of the scout behind them. When the game starts, the last scout in line lies down, the scout before him walks backwards over him and then...[read full activity]

Skunk Tag

Players are safe from being tagged if they hold their nose with one hand and their foot with another. Letting go with either hand may result in becoming "it."...[read full activity]


Standing Jump Relay

Create a starting line and have patrols line up behind it. The first scout in his patrol line jumps as far as he can with his feet together in the proper standing long jump way. The second patrol member in line starts his jum...[read full activity]

Star Hunt

Leader (mentioned above) shines the flashlight (also mentioned above) at a constellation. Each patrol/group must decide which constellation it is....[read full activity]



Line up two teams facing each other, with the "bacon" in the middle. Game leader will shout out one or more numbers. Each person in a team will be given a number, so that they form a pair with someone from the other...[read full activity]

Step on It

Make two lines about 25' apart. Have patrols line up in relay fashion behind one line and give the first scout the three blocks. He lays out two and walks on them, then picks up the last one and puts it in front of him. He re...[read full activity]



Leader stands at an elevated position so he can observe all other scouts. The scouts move around within a specified area until the leader claps the blocks together. When they hear this, the scouts must freeze. If the leader s...[read full activity]

Surprise Visitor

Have a person disguised as a traveling salesman waiting outside the meeting room, and come in in the middle on signal and try to sell his product. Since nobody is interested in buying Styrofoam replicas of the first waffle e...[read full activity]


Take the Mat

Two teams line up the same distance from a mat (or a 25 square foot chalked off area). On a signal, they race to the mat and try to fit on as many scouts as they can until the whistle is blown at the end of a minute....[read full activity]

Team Jump the Shot

Play like the game Jump the Shot, except give patrols/dens 50 points and every time one of their members is hit they lost five points....[read full activity]


Team Nail Driving

Line up patrols/dens 20 feet away from their materials. The first scout will run up, and has one swing with the hammer to hit the nail in, and then must run back and tag the next person. NOTE: supervise children as necessary...[read full activity]

Tenderfoot Relay

Patrols/dens line up. Send one scout to the other side of the room or field and turn around. The senior patrol leader will flash them a card with a Scout sign, salute, point of Scout Law, etc. After Scouts complete the action...[read full activity]


The Black Knight

Designate one person as the knight, the rest are pawns. One pawn will throw the ball up in the air, and then all the pawns will run away from the center. The knight must grab the ball, and yell "Freeze!" When the ...[read full activity]

The Game

Everyone is always playing "The Game." Anytime somebody remembers it, they must announce, "I have lost the game," which will trigger other people to remember, and lose the game again. This will always con...[read full activity]


The Sieve

Split the troop into two teams. One team will line up along lines, and the other will tie neckerchiefs in an overhand knot around their arms. The attackers try to get through to defenders to the goal without losing their ar...[read full activity]

Three-Legged Soccer

At the ends of the meeting room, set up the chars about five feet apart from each other to form two goals. Split the group into two teams. Everyone will pair up, and tie their inside feet together. Designate one pair on eac...[read full activity]


Three-Man Tug-of-War

Tie the ends of the rope together and lay it on the floor or field formed like a triangle. Set a neckerchief or hat about 6 feet from every corner. Send up three scouts from different patrols/dens to grasp their corner in t...[read full activity]

Tiger in a Cage

Pick one person to be a tiger, and put them in a circle on the floor. This will act as their cage, which they must stay in. Players will run inside the circle to torment the tiger. If the tiger tags someone while staying i...[read full activity]


Tractor Pull

Group players into pairs. One person is the tractor and gets down on their hands and knees, the other person is the driver. They will try to unseat other drivers, or pull them across a line. If a drivers' feet touch the gr...[read full activity]

Trail Signs

Patrol/den relay: Place the sets of cards in front of the patrols/dens. Leave the stack of picture cards face down, and spread out the cards with words on them out face up. The first scout will run up, draw a picture card, ...[read full activity]


Tree Hunt

For ten minutes, patrols are sent off to collect as many leaves from different trees as they can (that's ONE leaf per type of tree). They bring their leaves back to camp, lay them out, and try to identify them....[read full activity]

Trust Fall

The patrol/den will assemble below the platform. One member will climb on the platform. Facing away from their patrol/den with their arms folded and eyes closed, they will fall backwards. The patrol/den must catch the pers...[read full activity]



Line up two groups facing each other on a line. On signal, players take hold of the rope and pull....[read full activity]

Twig Hunt

The game leader will gather a set of 15-20 twigs or leaves, and identify them if he chooses. Then each patrol/den will try to collect an identical set....[read full activity]


Water Basketball

Fasten the basket to the end of the swimming pool, or to a dock. Split the scouts into two groups. Each team will try to make a basket, which is worth 2 points. Limit game time to 5 minutes....[read full activity]

Water Buffalo Riders

In knee-deep water, pair up all of the scouts. One will ride on the other (piggyback style). The goal is to unseat the other pairs. The last pair still standing wins....[read full activity]


Water Dodge Ball

Split the scouts into two groups. One will form a ring around the others in the water and try to get them out with the ball. If a scout is hit by the ball, they must leave the circle. After a set amount of time, they will ...[read full activity]

Water Knot Tug-of-War

Play like Water Tug-of-War, except that each team must tie their rope together from the little pieces using sheet bends....[read full activity]


Water Poison

Have scouts join hands and form a ring around the floating object in shallow water. Anyone that touches it is out. If two people let their link break, they are both out....[read full activity]

Water Tug-of-War

Split the troop in half, and play just like the game Tug-of-War, except everyone is in the water....[read full activity]


What Do I Feel

Form all patrols/dens into a circle, face all of the boys towards the center, and blindfold them. Pass all of the items around the circle allowing each scout to feel them in turn. Once all of the items have been passed arou...[read full activity]

Wheelbarrow Race

Line up a pair from each patrol/den in shallow water (unless the wheelbarrow can hold his breath for a really long time). One person will be the wheelbarrow and walk on their hands, with the other person holding their ankles...[read full activity]


Winter Nest Hunt

Patrols/dens go on a winter hike with a leader with each. The leave at 5-minute intervals. Scouts will point out nests to leaders and then identify the nest....[read full activity]